OmniSeal® Face Seals

OmniSeal® face seals are designed for internal face or external face sealing applications. The majority of face seal applications are static. However, for dynamic face sealing applications, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has a wide selection of OmniSeal® product design to meet the most challenging requirements.

OmniSeal® face seals are available in Industrial, Metric, JIS and custom gland sizes.


OmniSeal® 400A Face Seal Series

OmniSeal® 400A face seal is normally used as a dynamic seal. Due to its low spring loading, it is recommended for slow to moderate rotary speeds, low friction and low hardware clamping forces. Large cross sections and diameters are available.


OmniSeal® 103A Face Seal Series

OmniSeal® 103A face seal is recommended for most static sealing applications. OmniSeal 103A face seal may also be used in slow oscillatory or intermittent rotary service where seal friction is not critical. Available in all cross sections and diameters.


OmniSeal® APS Face Seal Series

OmniSeal® APS (Advanced Pitch Spring) face seal is recommended for dynamic sealing applications where seal friction is critical. The APS spring utilizes a slant-coiled wire designed to provide the lightest load. It has a unique characteristic in maintaining almost a constant load over a wide range of deflection.


OmniSeal® RACO™ 1100A Series

The OmniSeal RACO 1100A Face Seal is a rugged seal, recommended for extreme static sealing conditions such as those involving cryogenic fluids, ultra high vacuum and positive sealing of light gases. The RACO seal is also used dynamically in marine loading arm swivels and similar applications where high torque and clamping forces are employed. Larger cross sections and diameters are common with this seal design. RACO™ 1100A series are available in internal or external face seal only. View RACO Catalog

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