Fluoroloy A16

Lubricated Organic Filled PTFE

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent general purpose material for heat and wear resistance
  • Recommended for dry and poorly lubricated applications
  • Particularly suitable for water and steam service

Working Temperature Range

-450° to +600°F
[-268° to +316°C]


Dark Gray

Typical Physical Property Values



Units (Metric)

Value (Metric)

Specific Gravity
D792 2.13
Tensile Strength
D4894 PSI [MPa] 3,000 [20.7]
Tensile Modulus D4894 PSI [MPa] 56,000 [386]
Elongation D4894 % 200
Compression Strength2 D695 PSI [MPa] 1,900  [13.1]
Compressive Modulus D695 PSI [MPa] 120,000  [827]
Deformation Under Load3 D621 % 7.8
Hardness D2240 Shore D 60
Coefficient of Friction Saint-Gobain .09
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
E831 in./in./°F 7.17 x 10-5
 (78° to 392°F [26° to 200°C]) [mm/mm/°C] [12.9 x 10-5]
Mold Direction in./in./°F 7.00 x 10-5
Cross Direction [mm/mm/°C] [12.6x 10-5]


1 All testing is performed at room temperature unless otherwise specified

2 Compression Strength was tested at !% strain

3 Deformation Under Load was tested at 2,000 PSI for 24 hours

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