PTFE Seals and Shapes

Custom Machined and Engineered Plastic Shapes

custom1If your specific requirement calls for creating a new design, or simply updating an old one, our engineering and design team is available to assist you from concept through creation. Windy City Seals provides the experience that allows us to create the most cost-efficient and practical fabrication approach, and insures that the final product will represent the best balance between performance and cost.

Precision…in design, in equipment, in meeting the gamut of applications and specifications required by our many customers…to hold the most exacting tolerance.

Our customers set high standards for their products…and we’ve been meeting or exceeding them since day one. Accomplishing this calls for experience, flexibility and the technical know-how to consistently make experienced decisions when it comes to selecting exactly the right material and fabrication method for the job at hand.

custom2Engineering high performance plastics requires sophisticated blending techniques and hands-on knowledge about the properties and performance characteristics of various resins and filler materials. Matching the material to the application is critical and we do it very well.

Our customers count on us to retain full traceability of all materials, the details of production, and the quality control records on every order. Our standards for quality assurance are among the very highest in the industry…you can be assured that we ask even more of ourselves than you do. It is simply the way we do business.

custom3At Windy City Seals, we try to anticipate our customers’ needs and to be geared up and ready to meet them when the demand arises. We’re not waiting for tomorrow…we’re ready to serve this market today.

This proactive approach is just one good reason why we welcome your challenges, whether it is to produce a single gasket, or to custom-fabricate a high-volume product to the strictest of tolerances.

We know that the performance of our products depends on the quality of the design, the precision of the fabrication process and the level of quality control. That is why we build our commitment to excellence into every single process along the way….we deliver quality you can count on every time.